Set Up Autocomplete

When using FollowUpThen (especially with mobile email), auto-complete is your friend. Give your email client a head start by emailing We’ll respond back with any email that will let you set up dozens of our most common formats. Hit “reply all” on that email, and the formats will be […]

Our new billing system is live

At long last, our new billing system is live on the new FollowUpThen! As you may have seen in our previous updates the new system is, yet upgradable and sets the stage for exciting things to come. If you already have a paid account, go to your billing page to […]

V3 Billing system going live Weds, Aug 11th

Our new billing system for FollowUpThen V3 is going into effect starting Wednesday, August 11th. To recap, here is a summary of our new pricing: Base Plan​Every paid user has the same base plan ($4/mo paid annually) Add-Ons​Pay for skills à la carte  (ranging from $4/mo – $15/mo) Packages​Pay for the […]

SMS Limits

If you have reached your monthly SMS limit,  you will not be able to schedule new sms-enabled followups during the current month. Note that we do not limit sms messages for followups that have already been scheduled. Feel free to contact us if need help or have any questions about […]

Whitelabel Skill: Following up without FUT branding

The Whitelabel Skill allows you to send followups to your recipients from your own address and without any FollowUpThen branding. The email is sent via your outbox, so your followup appears exactly as if you sent the followup yourself. It is even shown in your normal ‘sent’ mail. Daily Send […]

Team Member Budgets

FollowUpThen “Skills” (such as response detection, SMS reminders and calendar integration) are optional add-ons that can streamline your workflow and boost your productivity. Some of these skills come with your account. Others require an additional fee. Everyone manages their inbox a bit differently.  This is why FollowUpThen for Teams allows […]

Pricing Guide

Updated 2 April 2021 | Read about the new version on our blog. The new FollowUpThen pricing is simple, modular and affordable. Here is how it works: Base PlanEvery paid user has the same base plan. Add-OnsPay for extra functionality à la carte or as part of package. PackagesPay for […]

New Pricing

Updated 12 July, 2021. Thanks to our beta users for the excellent feedback! Pricing limits (described below and in our pricing guide) will be going into effect soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Summary: Our new pricing is modular, simple and scalable – especially for teams. If […]

FollowUpThen V3 Billing

Everyone’s inbox is different. Different roles, productivity styles and preferences require different tools and techniques. Free Plan The free plan is a great way to get started with FollowUpThen. It allows for 50 active followups per month. Enough to get get started. Base Plan This provides the core functionality of […]