Our new billing system is live

At long last, our new billing system is live on the new FollowUpThen! As you may have seen in our previous updates the new system is, yet upgradable and sets the stage for exciting things to come. If you already have a paid account, go to your billing page to […]

V3 Billing system going live Weds, Aug 11th

Our new billing system for FollowUpThen V3 is going into effect starting Wednesday, August 11th. To recap, here is a summary of our new pricing: Base Plan​Every paid user has the same base plan ($4/mo paid annually) Add-Ons​Pay for skills à la carte  (ranging from $4/mo – $15/mo) Packages​Pay for the […]

New Pricing

Updated 12 July, 2021. Thanks to our beta users for the excellent feedback! Pricing limits (described below and in our pricing guide) will be going into effect soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Summary: Our new pricing is modular, simple and scalable – especially for teams. If […]

Buttons now open urls buy default

We took a leap of faith in making our buttons email-based by default. As more feedback came in, we realized this has to be an opt-in feature. Fortunately, this is easy to reconfigure under general settings page > “Email Action Handler” Choose “Compose Email” for email-based actions, or “URL” for […]

Product update feed

We have been hard at work on a major new version of FollowUpThen. As we near our public release, we wanted to create a streamlined way to keep you informed about our latest updates, without overloading your inbox. From time to time, you will notice a small text box right […]