New Pricing

Summary: A new pricing model is coming to FollowUpThen V3. Team plans, in particular, are receiving a big upgrade. If you already have a paid plan, you will be grandfathered into a custom plan with similar functionality for the same price. To add new paid skills, however, you will need to upgrade to our latest pricing.

The new pricing model: Base + Add-Ons
New users love FollowUpThen because it’s simple. Experienced users love FollowUpThen because of its powerful features. Our new pricing follows this same pattern: One, simple price for a simple product, plus optional subscription add-ons.

The new plans come with more followups, but skills are billed separately. In some cases this may reduce your pricing in some cases, for most the new pricing plans will be slightly higher, but with far more functionality.

Here is a summary of our new plans:

Free Forever Plan
The free plan is a great way to get started with FollowUpThen. It
allows for 50 active followups per month – enough to transform your inbox.

Base Plan – $6/mo or $48/yr
All of our core functionality at a reasonable price. It is simple,
affordable and solves a universal need common to anyone’s inbox: 
Following up.

Skills (A-La-Carte) – $2-15/mo
Depending on how you use your inbox, you may find certain “Skills”
(ex, response detection, sms and calendar integration) that will improve your your workflow. These special features can be added to FollowUpThen one at a time, keeping the product simple and affordable.

The “Personal Assistant” Plan – $15/mo or $144/yr
Optionally, choose the Personal Assistant package to add all skills currently available (and some that we have yet to release!)

Here is annual pricing for our Base Plan and Personal Assistant plan:


Following up is a universal need within teams. Our new pricing allows for flexible team member budgets, giving them the freedom to choose their own upgrades while team expenses reasonable. Read more about the new team plans.


We now limit based on total “Active Followups” per month instead of number of followups created that month. Read more

We will no longer be offering an unlimited plan, a change that will affect a very small number of our users. If you need to increase your monthly followup quota, please contact us.

A few limits will also be going into effect to prevent accidental or abusive patterns of use, for example, the number of linked email addresses.

Price Increase

For those of you on our personal and professional plans, moving to the new pricing, represents an increase in price for similar features. Our hope is that the new features in version three such as People, bulk followup actions (and more to come!) provide enough value that you feel the upgrade is worthwhile. Your paid subscription is supports our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve a productivity company that will last for years to come.


Are the new prices more expensive?
The new base plan offers 33% more followups so in some cases there would be a price decrease, but for our most common upgrade request (Response Detection), assuming you are on the annual plan, there would be a $3/mo price increase over the Professional plan – the base plan at $4/mo, plus a $3/mo add-on for response detection. The SMS skill would be billed in addition.

I want to pay for a new skill. Do I lose my legacy plan?
Unfortunately, yes, but please know that moving to our new pricing would help support a sustainable business model and a hard working team that is providing a great product at a fair price.

Can I keep my legacy pricing forever?
At this point, we have do not have plans retire our old pricing. If you choose to activate one of our new, paid add-ons that is not included in your legacy plan, your pricing would be automatically upgraded.

What if I have the legacy Personal plan?
The legacy Personal plan translates to the Base plan, but with the same followup limits as your current plan.

Can I still purchase the $24/yr Personal Plan
No, this plan has been discontinued in favor of the modular pricing as described above.

Could I buy the legacy Company Plan for my team?
Teams are required to move to the new modular plan model to support the flexible billing system as described above. The new team plan is also more affordable, so there is really no reason to stay on the old plan.

What if I need more followups than those shown in the plans?
Contact us! We’ll be happy to help