New Pricing

Updated 2 Apr, 2021.
Thanks to our beta users for the excellent feedback! Pricing limits (described below) will be going into effect soon as we prepare for general release. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our new pricing is modular, simple and scalable – especially for teams. If you already have a paid plan, you will be grandfathered into a custom plan with similar functionality for a similar price.

On Base Plan + Add-Ons
People love FollowUpThen because it is simple. Experienced users love FollowUpThen because of its powerful features.

Our new pricing follows this same pattern: One simple price for a simple product, plus optional subscription add-ons.

The new plans come with more followups, but skills are billed separately – either à la carte or as part of a package (of which we only have one right now).

Read our pricing guide for details on the new pricing, but here are the new prices in brief:

  • Base Plan: $4/mo paid annually or $6/mo paid monthly
  • Skills: À la carte upgrades such as SMS and response detection cost between $3 and $20/mo
  • Professional Package: $24/mo paid annually, $29/mo paid monthly. The base plan is included, plus all skills we currently have available – including white-label followups.


Following up is a universal need within teams. Our new pricing allows for flexible team member budgets, giving them the freedom to choose their own upgrades while team expenses reasonable. Read more about the new team plans.


We now limit based on total “Active Followups” per month instead of the number of followups created that month. Read more

We will no longer be offering an unlimited plan, a change that will affect a very small number of our users. If you need to increase your monthly followup quota, please contact us.

A few limits will also be going into effect to prevent accidental or abusive patterns of use, for example, the number of linked email addresses.

Grandfathered Accounts

Users on our personal and professional plans are grandfathered into a similar plan for similar features at the same price. Some of our new features will not be available on some of the old plans. We hope the new features provide enough value that you feel the upgrade is worthwhile. Your paid subscription supports our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve a productivity company that will last for years to come. You are also, of course, welcome to keep your old plan.


Can I keep my legacy pricing?
Yes, unless you are on a company plan. Your legacy plan limits (which match your existing limits) can be seen on your billing page. Legacy plans may not have some of our newer features, but it is the same FollowUpThen you know and love.

Could I buy the legacy Company Plan for my team?
Teams are required to move to the new modular plan model to support the flexible billing system as described above. In most cases, the new team plan is more affordable, so most will want to migrate anyways. Of note, for simplicity, we no longer offer the second seat for free. Each company user is added at the same rate.

Are the new prices more expensive?
The new base plan offers 33% more followups, so in some cases there would be a price decrease, but for our most common upgrade request (Response Detection), assuming you are on the annual plan, there would be a $3/mo price increase over the Professional plan – the base plan at $4/mo, plus a $3/mo add-on for response detection. The SMS skill would be billed in addition.

I want to pay for a new skill. Do I lose my legacy plan?
Yes, taking advantage of our new, modular billing requires that your account is on our latest billing plan.

What if I have the legacy Personal plan?
The legacy Personal plan translates to the Base plan, but with the same (lower) followup limits as your current plan.

What if I need more followups than those shown in the plans?
Contact us! We’ll be happy to help