FollowUpThen for Teams | Billing

Everyone’s inbox is different. Different roles, productivity styles and preferences require different tools and techniques. This is why we designed our new team plan to give each member of your team the freedom to optimize their own unique inbox workflow, while keeping your costs in check.

Migrating from an earlier team plan? Read this FAQ

Everyone has a Base Plan
Every team member is on the Base Plan. This provides the core functionality of FollowUpThen. It is simple, affordable and solves a universal need for productive teams: Following up.

Individuals can add Skills (Add-on Plans)
Skills (ex, response detection, sms and calendar integration) let team members add features to FollowUpThen to compliment their unique email workflows. Budgets to control (or prevent) spending. Your team account is only charged for the skills that are used.

Pricing Guide
For more pricing information, view our pricing guide and the Skills Marketplace.


A team member can purchase Skills up to the limit of a monthly budget, which is set by the team administrator.  Budgets can be set per-team member on billing settings.

If a team member tries to active a skill that exceeds their budget, they are asked to contact their team administrator.

Your team account is only billed for activated skills. For example, if an employee has a $20 monthly budget, but she decides the Base Plan is enough, your team is only billed for the Base Plan.

Adding/Removing: Everything Is Pro-Rated

Adding a new team member or skill starts a subscription immediately, causing your team account to be billed for the remaining (pro-rated) portion of your monthly or annual subscription cycle (depending on your billing interval).

When removing a team member or a skill, any unused portion of that subscription in your current billing cycle is credited to your team account. This occurs regardless of who is adding and removing a subscription. For example, if a team member tries a Skill for one day, then unsubscribes from it, most of the subscription cost for that Skill will be credited back to your team account. You would only be charged for that one day.  The same would occur for a team administrator who adds a new team member, then deletes them the next day.

When adding new skills/users, account credits are used first, saving unnecessary charges, refunds and bank fees. The use of credits vs. new charges is transparent to the team member.

Of note: If you add someone to your team who already has their own paid FollowUpThen account, their personal subscription will be automatically canceled when they join the team subscription.


Breakdowns and Pricing Details

Invoices (viewable on your billing page) contain detailed breakdowns of your plans credits, debits and charges. See your team member dashboard for general usage statistics.


Skill Discovery Fosters a Productivity Mindset

FollowUpThen is simple and intuitive. Once someone starts recognizing its benefits, they may be inspired to seek out solutions to specific productivity problems. After searching for, discovering and investing in a solution, a team member is more likely to actually use it or, if they choose, uninstall it.

We feel this model is better than a one-size-fits-all, complicated product at a high price. Companies pay only for the features that are used, and team members are empowered to go on their own, individual quests to improve their inbox productivity.