Pricing Guide

Updated 4 Aug 2022 | Read about the new version on our blog.

The new FollowUpThen pricing is simple, modular and affordable. Here is how it works:

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Base Plan
Every paid user has the same base plan.

Pay for extra functionality à la carte or as part of package.

This pricing model even applies to our new team plans – each team member can have a custom price based on their unique productivity needs.


Below is our latest pricing. Monthly and yearly billing options are available. All pricing (both in the app in this article) are shown as monthly rates for ease of comparison.

Base Plan | $4/mo (annual) or $5/mo (monthly)
All of basic functionality is included (attachments, calendar integration, tasks, cancellation, recurring followups) at a reasonable price. It is simple, affordable and solves a common, simple need: Following up.

Skills | $2~20/mo
Depending on your unique inbox need, “Skills” (ex, response detection, sms and calendar integration) can be added to improve your workflow. Billed à la carte.

Free Forever Plan | $0 
If you don’t need any of our premium features, and you followups stay below 50 active followups per month, you are welcome to use our free plan. Just your friends about FollowUpThen and we’ll call it even : )