When is my credit card charged? How are account credits used?

We will bill your account when…

  • Your regularly scheduled payment date arrives
  • Your free trial is over
  • Adding a new Skill
  • Adding a new team member
  • Changing your billing interval

Account Credits

Because we issue pro-rated credits for partially used subscription items, you may have an account credit! If the account credit covers the entire cost of the current charge, we will apply the credit instead of charging your card.

This gives you the freedom to add and remove Skills and team members using account credits, instead of incurring new charges each time.

Credits that only partially cover the current charge will not be used when adding or removing a skill or team member. Instead, they are applied to your next regularly scheduled invoice. (Shown in the upcoming invoice section of your billing page.)

Note: When changing your billing interval incurs an additional charge (for example, when going from monthly to annual billing) your card will always be charged, regardless of account credits.