How are Active Followups Calculated?

Note: This only applies to FollowUpThen Version 3

An Active Followup is any future moment that we stored for you on a given month. The future moment may have been stored for 1 minute (, or one that we have been storing for years. For each month it is stored, it counts as an active followup.

A simple way to think about is: How many unique items appeared on your My Followups page that month?

Note: Postponing a followup does not count as an additional active followup, since it just rescheduling an existing followup. 

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

  • You schedule two followups – one due this month, one due next
  • Active Followups:  2

Example 2:

  • You start the month with 1 pending followup, scheduled last year.
  • You schedule 5 more
  • Active Followups:  6

Example 2:

  • At the first of the month, you have 300 pending followups
  • They all become due the current month, but you schedule 50 more
  • Active followups: 350 

Example 3:

  • You start the month with 10 recurring followups.
  • During the month, you schedule 5 followups
  • Active followups: 15

Example 4:

  • You start the month with 50 non-recurring followups, all due next year.
  • Active Followups: 50

Example 5:

  • A user starts the month with 50 recurring followups, each scheduled to reoccur every day.
  • Total Active Followups: 50