How are Active Followups Calculated?

Note: This only applies to FollowUpThen Version 3

An Active Followup is one that is scheduled in the future. During any given month, a followup may be active for 1 minute (, or it may have been scheduled years ago, but still pending. Each counts as an active followup.

In other words, how many unique followups appeared on your My Followups page during a given month?

Note: Postponing an existing followup does not count as an additional active followup.

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

  • You schedule two followups – one due this month, one due next
  • Active Followups:  2

Example 2:

  • You start the month with 1 pending followup, scheduled last year.
  • You schedule 5 more
  • Active Followups:  6

Example 2:

  • At the first of the month, you have 300 pending followups
  • They all become due the current month, but you schedule 50 more
  • Active followups: 350 

Example 3:

  • You start the month with 10 recurring followups.
  • During the month, you schedule 5 followups
  • Active followups: 15

Example 4:

  • You start the month with 50 non-recurring followups, all due next year.
  • Active Followups: 50

Example 5:

  • A user starts the month with 50 recurring followups, each scheduled to reoccur every day.
  • Total Active Followups: 50