FAQ: Differences between the new and old team plans

The new version of FollowUpThen has a plan which is more flexible than our previous team plan. We’ve added a number of new and exciting features that we hope you will enjoy.

In the majority of cases, your pricing will stay the same. In some cases, it will increase or decrease. We hope the below questions will explain in better detail.

Please contact us with any unanswered questions.

What is different?
Instead of a higher per-team member price, all users of FollowUpThen receive a minimal, Basic Plan for $4/mo (billed annually) with options for each team member to add premium add-ons that benefit their workflow.

Will I pay more?
In the majority of cases, no. We have an add-on for legacy team users that grants SMS and Response Detection at a discounted rate, allowing for the same cost per team member. There are several factors that may change your price:

  • Our old pricing offered two company seats for $86/yr. For simplicity, our pricing is per (single) seat. Upon migration, if you have two or more seats, you will be charged for this additional seat.
  • Teams have an option of lowering monthly costs per user to as little as $48/yr, which you can accomplish from your Settings > Billing page. This may decrease your price.

In the majority of cases, our company users will be paying the identical amount as before. If your team requires neither SMS nor response detection, your pricing will decrease.

Do I have to switch to the new team pricing?
Yes, users on the team plan must upgrade to our new pricing. (In the majority of cases, this represents no change in pricing.)

We sincerely hope that our new features provide value that far exceeds the cost or the new system and that it more worthwhile than ever before.

Will switching reduce my costs?
If you (or any of your team members) do not use SMS or Response Detection, it could. Once you migrate to the new system, go to your billing page and cancel the “Legacy Company Add-on.” This will remove SMS and Response Detection will lower your price $4/mo (billed annually). As a team administrator, you can also remove these features and lower costs selectively per team member.

Where can I see my updated costs?
After migrating your billing account, go to Settings > Billing.

Are the features in the new system different?
Yes, we have bulk actions, we keep track of the people in your followups, the system is more user-friendly, there are better editing features and more. We no longer have an unlimited followups plan (contact us if you need more than 2,500 followups/mo).

Is the new system more expensive?
The new system is more flexible. It allows for a less expensive account plan which does not include SMS or Response Detection – the Basic Plan. Team members can add individual features for an additional fee that benefits their workflow. A user on the legacy system compared with a user on the new system would pay more if they needed SMS and Response Detection on both. The new system has many features that the legacy system does not: People, bulk actions, delayed sending and more.