Our new billing system is live

At long last, our new billing system is live on the new FollowUpThen! As you may have seen in our previous updates the new system is, yet upgradable and sets the stage for exciting things to come.

If you already have a paid account, go to your billing page to view the available limits for your existing plan.

Here is a quick summary of the new billing system:

Base Plan
Every paid user has the same base plan ($4/mo paid annually)

Pay for skills à la carte  (ranging from $4/mo – $15/mo)

Pay for the base plan plus skills at a discount

We still have a free plan.

Our flexible teams plan is also going live, which applies this same modular pricing model to everyone on your team.

If you are a legacy subscriber, you will receive basically the same features for the same price, with the exception of a few global limits we are putting into effect across all accounts:

  • We are limiting the number of inboxes directly connected to the system. This applies only to response detection and white-label sending and is one of the most resource-intensive parts of our system. You can still have many addresses linked to your account.
  • Reasonable SMS limits will be applied.

Browse the Skills Directory to see package and skill pricing.

Read more about our new pricing or contact us to share any feedback. We’re always happy to hear from you.