“Reply All” Followups

FollowUpThen Version 3 simplifies how to schedule reminders for others. Simply put: Unless FollowUpThen is in the “bcc” field, it will reply all on the email string when the reminder becomes due, sending a reminder to everyone. Bcc remains unchanged. If you put a FollowUpThen address in the ‘bcc’ both […]

GDPR Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a new standard for how companies should handle the private information of EU citizens. At FollowUpThen, we consider the GDPR a welcome addition to privacy regulation. As stated in our privacy policies, we are solely in the business of making people more […]

Update: Outbound Emails Delayed

Summary: This afternoon some reminders were delayed by up to 3 hours. This service interruption was caused by a failure in one of our vendor systems during a routine deployment. To prevent this from happening again, we are changing our deployment scripts, reducing our dependencies during deployment and improving our monitoring systems. Only reminder delivery […]

My followups are getting bounced or deferred by my email provider.

If you suspect your email provider is blocking or deferring messages from FollowUpThen, please contact your email hosting provider or IT department and ask them to whitelist emails coming from FollowUpThen. This can be done as follows: Whitelist email is sent from noreply@followupthen.com. Whitelist emails coming from the domain @followupthen.com Whitelist emails with return-path […]

Finding emails sent to FollowUpThen

Pending followups can be found in the web interface or by emailing pending@fut.io (which responds with up to 200 of your upcoming reminders). If you use FollowUpThen with multiple email address and have not linked them, make sure to check your pending followups for each address. If you can’t find a followup you know […]

Followup Retention Period

After a followup has been completed and there is no future activity scheduled, there is a period we call the “Completed Followup Retention Period”, or just the “Retention Period” for short. During this window, you can postpone or view a completed followup. After this period has passed, we clear the followup from […]

Finding Expired Followup Emails

While postponing an old followup, you may receive an error message that reads: Sorry, the followup you tried to postpone was sent so long ago that we already cleared it from our system. FollowUpThen stores completed followups for a limited time, allowing you to view and postpone them if you act […]

My followups are arriving early / late

If your followups are arriving exactly several hours early or late, or if the time you’re seeing on our website appears wrong, odds are that your timezone has either been set incorrectly or is not set. This can easily be fixed on your general settings page. If your settings are correct, yet you are […]