Finding emails sent to FollowUpThen

Pending followups can be found in the web interface or by emailing (which responds with up to 200 of your upcoming reminders). If you use FollowUpThen with multiple email address and have not linked them, make sure to check your pending followups for each address.

If you can’t find a followup you know you scheduled, here is a tip:

Go to the ‘sent mail’ folder of your email program and search for emails sent to FollowUpThen.

When you find it, you may be wondering why we don’t have a record of it. Usually the reason is one of these:

  • The reminder was completed so long ago that it expired.
  • It may have been sent from an email account you don’t normally use or that has not yet been linked with your main account.
  • There is a (remote) possibility the error being on our end. If you find this is the case, please let us know. We’re happy to look it.

Hope that helps!


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