I use multiple email accounts. Can I merge or link them with my FollowUpThen account?

Yes! Simply login and scroll down to the “Email Addresses” section.

Juggling multiple FollowUpThen accounts can be tricky – it may seem like settings are not working, or that your followups are suddenly missing when in actual fact you are just logged into a different account.

Linking your accounts brings your followups and settings into one place.

If you upgraded, linking your addresses together will also share the upgraded features.

How to Link
First, make sure to login with the email you wish to be the primary email. If you upgraded one of your email addresses to a premium subscription, make sure to login with that address.

Once logged to your primary account, link your other emails. (You can always switch the primary email address later – which is an option on your general settings page.)

Once linked, all settings, account upgrades, pending followups and the calendar feed will share the same information as  the primary account. The followups from the linked account are permanently moved to the new owner account. The followups themselves, however, will always be sent to the email from which they were scheduled.

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