How do I change / switch my email address?

In short: Add your new email on your settings page, validate it, then make that new address your primary email. Detailed instructions are below…

  1. Login under your existing account
  2. On the “My Emails” section of your settings page add your new email address.
  3. Scroll to Settings > Switch Primary Account. Select your new email address as the new primary email.
  4. In the “success” message, there is a link to perform a one-time transfer of all followups to be sent to a new email address. Click this to send all pending followups to the new primary email address instead of your old address.
  5. You can optionally unlink and delete the old email address and schedule all future reminders from your new address. (Note: Future followups will still go to the email address from which they were scheduled, regardless of if they are scheduled using the old or new address).

Log In With Your New Primary Email:
Once you change your primary email address, you will need to use that address to login. If you have never logged in with this address before, you will need to set a new password.

Change where your emails are sent
With your new email connected, you can optionally change some of your existing followups to be sent to this new address. To do this:

  1. Go to your followups page:
  2. Select all of your followups and select “change delivery address”

(Note: these instructions apply only to FollowUpThen Version 3)

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