V3 Billing system going live Weds, Aug 11th

Our new billing system for FollowUpThen V3 is going into effect starting Wednesday, August 11th.

To recap, here is a summary of our new pricing:

Base Plan
Every paid user has the same base plan ($4/mo paid annually)

Pay for skills à la carte  (ranging from $4/mo – $15/mo)

Pay for the base plan plus skills at a discount

We still have a free plan.

Our flexible teams plan is also going live, which applies this same modular pricing model to everyone on your team.

If you are a legacy subscriber, you will receive basically the same features for the same price, with the exception of a few global limits we are putting into effect across all accounts:

  • We are limiting connected inboxes (one of the most resource-intensive parts of our system)
  • Reasonable SMS limits will be applied

Browse the Skills Directory to see package and skill pricing.

Read more about our new pricing

Recent updates

While you’re here, check out a few of the improvements we made to the new FollowUpThen in the past few weeks:

  • Social login
  • Timezone detection
  • Major speed improvements when viewing and searching tasks
  • HTML editor bug fixes and improvements
  • New settings page layout
  • Improved viewing of completed tasks
  • Email style fixes for Outlook
  • Better threading for cancellation for cancel@fut.io emails
  • Fixes for language encodings and capitalization
  • Improved handling of connected Google Calendars
  • Many more bug and style fixes

We hope these make your day that much more productive! As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback.