How to I remove autocomplete addresses?

We make it easy to add autocompleting reminder addresses. Fortunately, it is also easy to remove them. Most email providers (Gmail Contacts, Outlook, Yahoo, Mac) use your contacts as the source of your email addresses. To remove these addresses from your contacts, and autocomplete, you can: Open your address book […]

FollowUpThen API

We are actively working on the FollowUpThen API. We will make an announcement when it is ready. Until then, use our (upcoming) Zapier Integration to send yourself HTTP posts when followups are created or due. Feel free to send your feedback to

Email Action Handlers

“Email Actions” are the buttons in your emails that allow you to perform various actions, for example, postponing a followup. FollowUpThen can handle these buttons in two ways. When clicking on the link, we can either: Take you to a URL that performs the action (slower) Compose a new “action […]

Response Detection with Multiple Office365 Accounts

Connecting FollowUpThen with multiple Office365 accounts can be difficult due to Microsoft’s auto-authorizing additional attempts to connect an already-approved system. To connect multiple Office365 Accounts: 1. Authorize your first Office365 account with FollowUpThen from your inbox connection page. 2. Logout of Office365. 3. Go back to your inbox connection page […]

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Vulnerabilities may be reported by emailing We are receptive and thankful for contributions that make FollowUpThen more secure.  3rd party security research companies are given permission scan any aspect of the system such as endpoints, urls, ports, files forms and http methods – providing a rate limit of no […]

Calendar Integration

  View your upcoming FollowUpThen reminders directly on your calendar. This is is a great way to keep track of your followups, plan time-sensitive tasks and visualize your schedule. Note: This feature is only available on paid plans. View upgrade options.  How It Works Nearly all modern calendar systems can […]

Open Extension API

The FollowUpThen open extensions API turns FollowUpThen into a flexible command line for your inbox. Extensions are easy to build, easy to deploy and easy to share. If you’re interested in early access let us know!

Cancellation Shortcuts

FollowUpThen provides several shortcuts to cancel unwanted followups. These shortcuts are great for quickly canceling followups from your inbox, preventing duplicate followups during a long conversation and for just keeping your inbox clutter-free. After you schedule a followup, forward that email or any email later in the same thread […]