In-Followup Tips / Upgrade Notice

Upgrading to a premium plan not only enables a variety of amazing productivity features, it lets you mute the upgrade tips that occasionally appear on your followups. Once upgraded, you can either leave these tips on to increase your FollowUpThen knowledge, or click “mute” link to hide them. Sign up for a free trial

Do you issue discounts for non-profits?

If you are a 501(c)3 organization we are happy to grant you an additional 2 months free on your first year’s subscription. We do not yet have the ability to charge different monthly rates for different organizations. Just contact us after you sign up for your trial. (Of note is that […]

I’m receiving too many emails from FollowUpThen.

By default, you will receive three different types of emails from FollowUpThen: Confirmation emails when you schedule new followups (the “We’ve got you covered” email) Digest emails that list all of your upcoming followups Followup reminders Helpful notes from the FollowUpThen team All of these (with the exception of #3) […]

I’m adding the email address my mobile phone provider assigned to my phone, but I’m unable to access the verification link. What should I do?

Many users had similar experiences with trying to setup texts to go to their phone by email. That’s why we created SMS reminders – one of our premium features that helps with exactly that. You can learn more about it here: This is a feature that is available on […]

How do you snooze or postpone a followup?

We all tend to get busy and put things off every now and then and our inboxes usually take a serious hit because of it. To help with this, we added the postpone feature to FollowUpThen. If you’re not quite ready to tackle a followup just yet, don’t keep it […]

Why does my email address keep getting disconnected?

Occasionally a mail provider will temporarily or permanently prevent our system from checking your email. This might happen due to a communication error, a password change or if too many 3rd party services are contacting your account simultaneously. Depending on the situation, reauthorizing your account on the inbox connections page might […]

Does response detection work with aliases?

Yes! To enable an alias for response detection: Go to your inbox connections page Ensure your underlying inbox is connected (where you actually receive the emails) For the alias address, mark it as an alias. If you do not see your alias address, you just need to link it to […]