Affiliate Program

Give $5 to every referral. Receive a $5 account credit for each referral who upgrades. Everyone wins!

How do I refer someone?
Just share your affiliate link! You can find this link at any time on your billing page as well.

If you do not see the affiliate section on your billing but would still like to refer FollowUpThen, get in touch with us. Currently, this section is displayed for paid members only.

When are account credits issued?
The referral must become a paying customer. Once their trial is over, both you and they will see a $5 credit reflected under the “Account Credit” section of the billing page.

Are there any limits?
Not at this time! We encourage our affiliates to refer so many people that they never pay a dime for FollowUpThen.

How are account credits used?
We use any credits on the account before billing the credit card on file. Credits are used as cash. You are welcome to refer additional signups during your free trial, or premium plan to add free time.

Thank you!
Sharing FollowUpThen is the biggest thanks we could ask for.

If you would like to tell us how you planning to share it, we would be happy to help make your presentation successful. Feel free to reach out and let us know what you are up to!

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