Affiliate Program

The FollowUpThen affiliate program is a win / win referral system that allows you to issue discounts to others, while at the same time earning account credits for yourself. Here is how it works:

On your settings page you will find a section in the right-column titled “Affiliate Program” . Under this will be your own custom affiliate link. Send this to your friends, followers, co-workers or anyone to whom you’d like to issue a discount.

When they click on your link, they will be notified about a $5 store credit because of your handy link (and that they should profusely thank you for your expert knowledge about email productivity)

At the time of this writing, we are limiting our referral invitations for each user (which may change in the future).

If your referral upgrades to a paid plan and becomes a paying customer, we issue a $5 onto your account. (Note: If they arrive with an extra $5 in their account, they may not pay anything for 60 days.)

If you are already a premium member, your account credits are applied directly onto your account, allowing you to skip billing cycles. If you are not yet a premium member, your credits will kick in as soon as you start a free trial (unused expire after 6 months). We will use any credits on account before billing the credit card on file. And you are welcome to refer additional signups during your free trial, or premium plan to add free time.

Thanks for help to spread the word about FollowUpThen! If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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