Can I schedule multiple followups in one email?

You certainly can! And there are few varieties: The simplest is to just send / forward an email to multiple FollowUpThen addresses For example, sending an email to:,, will schedule 3 separate followups. You can also use this to schedule private followups for yourself before automatically following up […]

What do my followups look like for someone else?

They look almost like you sent the email yourself. The person will it as coming from your name, when they hit reply, they will be reply directly you, and the followup message is plain text, making it look like a personal followup message. Here’s an example of how a followup […]

How do I manage (view, edit, cancel) my followups?

Manage followups online Your My Followups page lists your existing followups. Use the top search bar to find followups by subject or recipient. Use the left menu to filter by recurring followups, sms followups, completed followups, etc. Manage followups by email You also retrieve your upcoming followups by emailing The return email shows up to 200 upcoming […]

I’m not getting my email verification.

In most cases we have found the cause to be a spam filter. This could be operating on your computer or on your network (before the message even gets to your computer). Here are some ideas to get help the message get through: Check your spam folder Add ‘’ to […]