What do my followups look like for someone else?

They look almost like you sent the email yourself. The person will it as coming from your name, when they hit reply, they will be reply directly you, and the followup message is plain text, making it look like a personal followup message. Here’s an example of how a followup would look from me:

The key differences are:

  • If a person inspects the “from” email address, it will come from a followupthen.com email. To comply with spam filter settings we have to identify that the originating email is a FollowUpThen address (since it’s coming from our server).
  • There is a footer that tells the person that we sent it and that they have a choice to opt-out.

You can preview what it looks like by emailing yourself and placing ‘1min@fut.io’ in the ‘cc’ field.

Our goal is to make the followup personal while still complying with deliverability guidelines. Hiding all references to FollowUpThen is something we are considering but do not have available just yet.

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