Can I remove FollowUpThen branding from my followup footer?

If you use FollowUpThen to follow up directly with another person (by placing it in the ‘cc’ field), it will show as coming from you. However, it will still have some indications it is from FollowUpThen (which is required since it comes directly from our mail servers).

To see how this looks to your recipient, send an email with your own email address in the ‘to’ field, and placing in the ‘cc’ field.

If you choose to upgrade, you also have more customization options to make the followup feel more personal.


Customization options available on company plan

Can I Remove FollowUpThen Branding Completely?
We do not yet have the ability to send email from anyone’s mail server other than our own. Because of this, we must have our “from” address set to a @followupthen address, and the option to unsubscribe (which takes a person back to the FollowUpThen website). These factors contributed to our decision to keep our name in the footer, even for paid plans.

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