How do I manage (view, edit, cancel) my followups?

Manage followups online
Your My Followups page lists your existing followups. Use the top search bar to find followups by subject or recipient. Use the left menu to filter by recurring followups, sms followups, completed followups, etc.

Manage followups by email
You also retrieve your upcoming followups by emailing The return email shows up to 200 upcoming followups.

Some of my followups are missing!
You may have have separate FollowUpThen accounts for each of your emails. This is easily solved by linking them together, which will keeps everything in one place. Much simpler!

Canceling shortcuts
There are a few handy shortcuts to quickly cancel an existing followup:

  • Let’s say you schedule a followup with someone, then continue the conversation in the same thread. You find you no longer need the followup. To cancel, forward any email in that same thread to Using the subject and message-id (an internal marker that email programs use to identify threads), we will try to locate a matching followup. If found, it will be canceled and you will be notified. (Note that if no matching followup was found there will be no response).
  • Auto-Cancel (-c) If you are scheduling a new followup, but want to cancel previous followups on that same thread, include “-c” in the format. For example, ‘’ will schedule a followup for 3 days, searching for duplicate followups to cancel.Note: Both of these options work by searching for followups with matching subjects (minus the “Fwd:”, “Re:”, etc). If we find exactly one, we’ll cancel it on the spot (and will let you know). If more than one matching followup is found, we’ll respond with a list of matching followups. If none are found, no response is returned.

Prevent duplicate followups
One of the best uses of the cancellation shortcuts above is for  on the same thread. This lets you continue to schedule followups on an existing conversation without piling up duplicates.

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