How do I set up response detection?

We have since rebuilt our response detection. Please see this faq for help setting it up.      FollowUpThen provides a connection to to connect your email account. This connection works the same way as any connection to your email server. So if you’ve connected your phone, computer or […]

How should I enter my phone number for SMS messages?

On your general settings page, under “User Settings” you will find a place to enter your mobile phone number to receive SMS messages. If you are not receiving SMS messages, the first thing is to make sure your number has been entered, and entered correctly. US-based numbers are entered exactly […]

How do I disable connected services?

Go to your settings page and erase the relevant service listed in the ‘default flags’ box. This will prevent FollowUpThen from automatically associating future followups with external services. Note: If you have existing followups that were associated with a service at the time of scheduling, this yellow warning box will […]