Sender Validation

Email service providers and IT departments can implement safeguards to prevent spammers from using your email address as the “from” value in a spam email (making it look as though you sent it).  This spamming technique is called “spoofing“. Major email providers widely implement these precautions. However, some self-hosted and […]

Does FollowUpThen need to connect directly to my inbox?

Connecting your inbox is totally optional. It’s only required to enable specific additional features such as response detection. Once connected, FollowUpThen only accesses the data it need to perform the action you are telling it to do. For example, response detection only requires that we view the header of the email […]

Is my data safe with FollowUpThen?

We are strictly in the business of making people more productive. Your data is used for that purpose, and only that purpose. We go to great lengths to make sure your data is secure, encrypted and deleted after it is no longer needed to improve productivity. We undergo an annual […]

How secure is my data? How do you use my data?

The privacy and security of your data are extremely important to us. FollowUpThen is in the business of helping people become more productive – not advertising, contact harvesting or data brokering. We store followup message bodies with 128-bit encryption, backed up regularly with multiple layers of redundancy. We automatically delete […]

My followups are arriving at the wrong time

There are several reasons why a follow-up might appear to arrive at the wrong time, or not arrive at all. Timezone Settings The most common reason is your timezone settings. Go to your go to your settings page to confirm this is sent correctly. Different Settings for Different Emails If […]

FollowUpThen is not working

If you suddenly stopped receiving followups from us, or have never been able to receive a followups from us, there is a 99.9% chance that a spam filter is preventing your followups from arriving. We go to great lengths to ensure our followups are able to be sent from our servers on time and […]