My followups are arriving at the wrong time

There are several reasons why a follow-up might appear to arrive at the wrong time, or not arrive at all.

Timezone Settings
The most common reason is your timezone settings. Go to your go to your settings page to confirm this is sent correctly.

Different Settings for Different Emails
If you use more than one email address and you have not yet link them together, it’s possible that your time zone is correct for one email address but not for another. This can be easily fixed by linking them.

Time Formats
We may just have different ideas on how to interpret a time format! Here are few examples of common misunderstandings:

If today is Wednesday and you schedule a followup for, we will interpret this to mean the following Wednesday. Not today. The same goes for Day / Month combinations. We always schedule a followup in the future. Even if it’s just by one minute (

Recurring reminders and tasks can be scheduled to recur on either on exact dates (ex: or after certain time intervals ( If you are using the latter method (time interval) and you reminder was paused for some reason, it will begin recurring again starting from the date it was re-enabled. The tasks page has a paragraph with more information on this.

As a general rule of thumb, for reminders that need to arrive on precise days and/or times, specify the exact days and / or times. Do not use a time interval. For example, it is Wednesday at 10:30am right now and you need a reminder every Wednesday at 1030am, don’t schedule for Schedule it for

Go to the how to use page to experiment with different date formats.

Edge Cases
More rarely, your first followup with FollowUpThen may have happened to be for an exact time of day format (ex: 900am) rather than a time interval (ex: 3minutes). Because your timezone is not yet set before first followup, you may receive this followup at the wrong time. Updating your timezone should fix this for the future.

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