My calendar feed isn’t (or is partially) working.

The first thing to know is that different calendar programs update from external calendars at different rates. Google Calendar, unfortuately, is one of the worst, pulling a new feed from us every ~6 hours. Most client programs (iCal, Outlook, etc) have a setting for this. So if you are seeing a few missing events in your calendar, first make sure it has synced with our calendar feed URL.

If this doesn’t seem to be it, here are some other debugging options:

  • Re-subscribe to the calendar feed. Before you copy the URL though, go to your “My Followups” page to make sure all of your followups are there.
  • It’s possible that you used a calendar feed from one account and are scheduling followups under another. This is easily solved by linking your email addresses together, or by simply subscribing to the correct feed.
  • If you are seeing exactly 3 events, it’s likely you are still on a free account. Upgrading your account will unlock the full calendar feed.

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