Are you collecting my email for spam?

Definitely not. We hate spam, too. We will never sell your information to spammers or 3rd party marketing companies.

We built a service that we would love to use ourselves and spam is not part of that equation.

On top of this, the message bodies of all emails are encrypted before they are saved on our servers. Message bodies deleted a few weeks after the followup has been sent (enough time for you to postpone the followup). See our Privacy Policy for all the details, but rest assured knowing that we are here to make a helpful service paid for by our users, not by selling out to “information collectors”.

We also undergo an annual security review required by Google and adhere to all points of their their  Google API Services User Data Policy (including the Limited Use requirements) with respect to the use and transfer of your data.

In short, we are not a marketing or advertising company. We are a productivity company, through and through.

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