Open Extension API

The FollowUpThen open extensions API turns FollowUpThen into a flexible command line for your inbox. Extensions are easy to build, easy to deploy and easy to share. If you’re interested in early access let us know!

Cancellation Shortcuts

FollowUpThen provides several shortcuts to cancel unwanted followups. These shortcuts are great for quickly canceling followups from your inbox, preventing duplicate followups during a long conversation and for just keeping your inbox clutter-free. After you schedule a followup, forward that email or any email later in the same thread […]

Detailed explanation of to, cc and bcc methods

[private role=”editor”]Admin: A screencast would be ideal to describe this[/private] The Basics Since FollowUpThen is just an email address, it can be placed in any of the to, cc or bcc email fields. Even though it can be placed inside any of these fields, it was designed to work with a few main scenarios in […]

Response Detection Troubleshooting and FAQ

Response Detection is a great way to prevent unwanted followups. To set it up, go to your Inbox connections page and connect the inbox for one of the email addresses on your account. If you are having trouble, this page has a number of tips and answers to commonly asked […]

Where can I find a receipt / invoice for my subscription?

Login to your account, and navigate to the invoices page. You can find view invoices link in the right column of your general settings page, or just click on the above link. This page lets you view and print any previous invoice. It also lets you fill in any necessary company information required for expense reports / tax purposes.

My Calendar Feed Is Empty

This is usually caused by duplicate accounts. You may have followups scheduled under one email address, and logging in under another. Fortunately, the solution is quite easy: link your accounts. This will allow you to view all followups for all linked emails under the same iCal feed.