Pricing Guide

Updated 11 April 2022 | Read about the new version on our blog. The new FollowUpThen pricing is simple, modular and affordable. Here is how it works: Base PlanEvery paid user has the same base plan. Add-OnsPay for extra functionality à la carte or as part of package. PackagesPay for […]

New Pricing

Updated 12 July, 2021. Thanks to our beta users for the excellent feedback! Pricing limits (described below and in our pricing guide) will be going into effect soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Summary: Our new pricing is modular, simple and scalable – especially for teams. If […]

How are Active Followups Calculated?

Note: This only applies to FollowUpThen Version 3 An Active Followup is one that is scheduled in the future. During any given month, a followup may be active for 1 minute (, or it may have been scheduled years ago, but still pending. Each counts as an active followup. In other […]

FollowUpThen for Teams | Billing

Everyone’s inbox is different. Different roles, productivity styles and preferences require different tools and techniques. This is why we designed our new team plan to give each member of your team the freedom to optimize their own unique inbox workflow, while keeping your costs in check. Migrating from an earlier […]

Absolute vs. Relative Time Formats

FollowUpThen accepts thousands of time formats. It’s worth knowing how FollowUpThen treats different types of time formats so you can choose the best reminder time for the situation. Relative Time Formats (Time Interval from Now) Ex: 1day, 48hours, 3days, 1year, 32hours Relative time formats add an amount of time relative […]

Email-Based Actions

After enabling email actions in your settings, clicking on certain FollowUpThen links (ex: postpone) will allow you to act by composing and sending an email instead of loading an external site. These “action emails” let you provide instructions for FollowUpThen without leaving your email, saving you countless seconds of your […]

What happens if I change my timezone?

Changing your timezone does not affect the due date of your pending followups. For example, if you scheduled a followup for today at 8pm PST (GMT -8) and just changed your timezone to EST (GMT -5), your followup will still arrive at 8pm PST (5pm EST). The dates on on […]

Privacy Mode

In privacy mode, FollowUpThen discards email message bodies and attachments when new reminders are scheduled. These followups still arrive at the scheduled time, but only with the subject. This works well if you have “conversation view” or “threading” turned on in your email program.  The subject-only followup conveniently resurfaces the […]