Absolute vs. Relative Time Formats

FollowUpThen accepts thousands of time formats. It’s worth knowing how FollowUpThen treats different types of time formats so you can choose the best reminder time for the situation.

Relative Time Formats (Time Interval from Now)
Ex: 1day, 48hours, 3days, 1year, 32hours
Relative time formats add an amount of time relative to the time they are scheduled. For example, 1week@fut.io schedules a followup for one week from now. For example, if it’s Tuesday at 9:32am, sending an email to 1week@fut.io will create a reminder for next Tuesday 9:23am.

Absolute Time Formats
Ex: weds930am, 21jan2018, april3rdAt1300, friday, monday
Absolute formats specify an exact moment when the reminder is due. FollowUpThen always will schedule a reminder for the next occurrence of that date format. For example, if today is Friday and you schedule a reminder for “friday@fut.io”, you can expect to receive that reminder the following Friday.

What if the hour is not specified?
For formats like tomorrow@followupthen.com, weds@fut.io, 21jan@fut.io, the time of day is ambiguous. These are sent at 6am in your timezone by default and can be updated with the “Default Reminder Time” setting on your settings page. Changing it to another hour will set future “default time” followups for this hour, and reset pending “default time” followups to arrive on your newly chosen hour.

Note: Recurring reminders reminders to not currently honor the custom Default Reminder Time time format after the first instance of the reminder. To work around this, please specify the time of day for your recurring reminder. (For example, use monday8am@fut.io instead of just monday@fut.io)

Note Regarding Recurring Followups
As a general rule of thumb, for reminders that need to arrive on precise days and/or times, specify the exact days and / or times in the recurring time format. For example (everyMonday830am@fut.io), rather than a t time interval. Recurring followups based on time intervals may slowly drift as they are rescheduled over and over. Recurring time formats will reschedule precisely with each recurrence.