What happens if I change my timezone?

Changing your timezone does not affect the due date of your pending followups.

For example, if you scheduled a followup for today at 8pm PST (GMT -8) and just changed your timezone to EST (GMT -5), your followup will still arrive at 8pm PST (5pm EST).

The dates on on your followup use your current timezone settings. In the above example, the email might say “This was scheduled for 5pm EST”. (Even though you used 8pm@fut.io when scheduled.)

Exception: Recurring Followups
When you first change your timezone, recurring followup due dates remain the same, but once a recurring followup triggers it reschedules itself using your current timezone settings.

For example, if you first schedule a recurring followup for every5pm PST, then you change your timezone to EST, the first recurring followup will still arrive at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. Subsequent followups, however, will arrive every day at 5pm EST.

If you change your timezone back to PST, the first recurring followup would arrive at 5PM EST. Subsequent followups would arrive daily at 5PM PST.

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