Set Up Autocomplete

When using FollowUpThen (especially with mobile email), auto-complete is your friend.

Give your email client a head start by emailing We’ll respond back with any email that will let you set up dozens of our most common formats.

Hit “reply all” on that email, and the formats will be saved!

Note: Make sure to hit ‘Reply All’, not ‘Reply’.

How does this email work? autocomplete from mobile
Most email systems remember any address that was previously emailed, providing auto-complete shortcuts when you start to type one of them again. This email has 70 common followup formats in the ‘cc’ field. Replying all to this email will send each of them a message, saving them for future reference!”

Set up all of your devices
If one of your devices is not autocompleting, just email from that device to set up autocomplete there as well.

⚠️ Not Working?
Some email programs have a setting that let you choose if you would like to automatically add email recipients as contacts. This is normally on by default. If your FollowUpThen addresses are not autocompleting, this is the first thing to check. Here are instructions for Gmail.