FollowUpThen for Teams: Integrate and Streamline Enterprise Systems

The new FollowUpThen provides a robust extension system that allows you and your team to get things done without leaving your inbox. Extensions can deeply integrate with existing enterprise systems, pulling additional context and information into followup emails.

Everything you need to follow up

Instead of receiving just a reminder, followups include everything needed to complete the followup – without leaving the inbox.

Simple interactions, such as completing a task in a CRM, logging a call or adding notes can be completed without leaving the followup email. The below interaction, for example,  shows someone completing an activity in their CRM using their ordinary email client. The email client shown is the native iOS email, but this works with any email program.

The new FollowUpThen is not only a reminder, it is a personal assistant, one that be customized to your team’s specific needs and workflows.

If you would like to explore how FollowUpThen can make your team more productive, contact us!