I did not receive followup(s). What’s going on?

If you notice a missing followup here are some things you can check:

Spam folder (number one culprit)
If you find a reminder in your spam folder, your email provider might think you do not want our reminders. You give them clues that you would like email from us bu:

  • Marking the email as “not spam”
  • Staring or marking the message as “important”
  • Adding “noreply@followupthen.com” to your whitelist or address book
  • Setting up a rule for all emails from noreply@followupthen.com to be sent to your inbox.

Here is some helpful information about whitelisting email addresses: http://www.whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/.

View task history
Each task stores a log of events. This can be helpful to see if a task may have been accidentally postponed or cancelled. View task history by go to your pending followups and search for the missing followup and clicking on “history.”

Is it the same task?
Keep in mind that many followups can have similar subject lines. Try searching for the subject without “Re” or “Fwd” to see if there are multiple tasks.

Is it the same email account?
Many of us juggle multiple addresses. Is it possible you have multiple, separate accounts with us? If so, you can link them to keep things simple.

Have you validated your account?
If you recently signed up for FollowUpThen, did you already click the link to confirm your account? This also comes from noreply@followupthen.com. If not, try signing up again.

Test a new task
Try sending an email to 1min@followupthen.com. If that followup isn’t returned, please contact us. We’ll be happy to look into it.


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