How do I set up response detection?

We have since rebuilt our response detection. Please see this faq for help setting it up. 



FollowUpThen provides a connection to to connect your email account. This connection works the same way as any connection to your email server. So if you’ve connected your phone, computer or tablet’s email, should work the same way.

1. Enable
The first step is to enable from your connected services page. This creates a account for you and gives you a place to set up inbox connections.

2. Connect Your Inboxes
Once enabled, a list of email addresses associated will be shown. You can then connect various inboxes to your FollowUpThen account.

Note: You don’t need to connect email aliases. As long as the main inbox(es) is/are connected, where emails are actually routed, you should be set. (Read more about aliases).

If you do not see an email address in the list, try disabling and re-enabling This will require re-reconnecting your inboxes, but should also force a refresh of your available addresses.

If you are having trouble connecting an email account, open up the settings for another device that is already connected to your email account. The password field will usually be hidden, but you can take note of the other connection settings.

If needed, verify your connection credentials are correct by setting up a new account on another device (like a phone or tablet).

If needed, you can read more troubleshooting tips for response detection.

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