FollowUpThen V3 Billing

Everyone’s inbox is different. Different roles, productivity styles and preferences require different tools and techniques.

Free Plan
The free plan is a great way to get started with FollowUpThen. It allows for 50 active followups per month. Enough to get get started.

Base Plan
This provides the core functionality of FollowUpThen at a reasonable price. It is simple, affordable and solves a universal need common to anyone’s inbox: Following up.

Skills (A-La-Carte)
Depending on how you use your inbox, you may find that “Skills” (ex, response detectionsms and calendar integration) will improve your workflow. These special features can be added FollowUpThen one at a time. This keeps the product simple and affordable.

The “Personal Assistant” Plan
Optionally, choose the Personal Assistant package to add all current skills (and some that we have yet to release!)